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PrepNow Tutor - Haley D.

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Haley's Bio

A native Californian who loves all thing sports, math, and education related, Haley received her BA from Harvard in economics and her MA in education from Rhode Island College. She was recognized by the NCAA as an Academic All-American for achieving a GPA of above a 3.5 while competing as a Division 1 athlete at Harvard. After Haley graduated, she joined Teach For America, teaching middle school math in Providence, Rhode Island, pursuing her passion for education and standing by her commitment to fighting for all students to receive an equitable education. After two years with the corps, she moved to New York and has since been working in math curriculum development. Haley has eight years of experience tutoring math and economics, as well as two years of formal teaching experience in 6th grade math, 7th-grade math, pre-algebra, and algebra. She has worked with well over 200 students.

"Tutoring and teaching should be a partnership, and I believe that students should have a strong voice in their learning experience, which means that my voice and my work should not dominate a lesson," Haley says.

Haley started tutoring through a peer tutor program, as well as privately, when she was in high school, throughout college, and while teaching full time. Haley loves math and, as such, truly enjoys working with students to improve their skills. "There is no better feeling than when a student finally breaks through on a tough problem!" When tutoring Haley likes to be as hands-off as possible, allowing the students to take the lead in solving a problem. She finds that the learning process is most effective when students struggle slightly and her interventions remain Socratic. "I always start lessons or tutoring sessions by assessing what students know and where they are at in terms of comprehension," she explains. "By letting students take the lead, I can more accurately decide the best course of action moving forward."

Haley played softball for seventeen years, competitively and recreationally. She was in various honors societies in high school, including The National Honors Society and the California Scholarship Federation. While at Harvard she participated in student government and was a peer tutor as well as a tutor and mentor for low-income students in Boston. Born and raised in Southern California, surfing and skiing are in Haley's blood. "There is nothing more peaceful than being on a mountain, whether I'm hiking, skiing, or snowboarding," she says. She also loves to read and has challenged herself to read all of the books on the Great American Read's "100 Most-Loved Books." She works out six times a week and would love to someday compete in a triathlon. There is nothing more important to her than her friends and family. She was once stung by a jellyfish.