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PrepNow Tutor - Edward I.

Photo of Edward I.
Edward's Bio

Edward I. graduated with dual degrees in mathematics and computer science, and political science, from Davidson College. Relaxed and fun-loving, Ed is also self-determined, goal oriented, and enjoys motivating others to reach their full potential.

After graduating with his BA from Davidson, Ed immediately went to work for a local commercial bank in Orlando. Following two years as a credit analyst, Ed was promoted into the role of portfolio manager and loan officer. While working at the bank, he developed a passion for online marketing, slowly educating himself in the field of digital marketing. In mid-2018, he resigned from banking to focus on digital marketing for musicians and businesses.

Ed began teaching and tutoring through his college math department, which organized a local outreach program where students in the surrounding areas could sign up for assistance and tutoring from math majors. Throughout his time at Davidson, Ed helped many students improve their scores and understanding of math. Over the course of three or so years, Ed's students were able to increase their grades to As in subjects including pre-algebra, algebra, and pre-calculus.

Of equal importance, he was able to build relationships with these students and found that he deeply enjoyed that aspect of tutoring. Ed described working with students who believed they could not succeed in math, and how he was able to help them build their comprehension and confidence. "There was no better feeling than when a student would come back with a test/quiz/homework and show me that they aced it-when many times they had not been confident in their ability to even complete the work a week or two earlier. It is a great feeling to help students reach their full potential."

Ed takes pride in establishing open lines of communication with his students. Of his approach, he says, "I think this is particularly beneficial while tutoring because it allows students to feel comfortable asking questions when they don't understand something. I like to keep the atmosphere light, but also like the students to understand we are there to accomplish a goal and help them better their understanding."

In high school, Ed participated in football and wrestling. In college, he continued to wrestle and play flag football and also worked as a host at the college radio station and as an intramural referee.

In his down time, you can find Ed spending time with family, watching Netflix, and reading. Ed is also a banjo player in a folk band. Fun fact: "We just got home from our first ever European Tour!"