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PrepNow Tutor - Arta A.

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Arta's Bio

A fun-loving and gentle tutor, Arta looks to see the good in everyone and strives to push their students to be the best version of themselves. Arta earned their bachelor's degree in liberal arts from Notre Dame of Maryland University and has completed graduate-level coursework for a master’s degree in teaching English as a second language, also at Notre Dame of Maryland University. As a student, they received the Excellence in Japanese Award for outstanding performance in Japanese acquisition and was in the Morrisey Honors Program at Notre Dame of Maryland University. Arta previously worked at a camp for disabled individuals but now primarily tutors test prep and other school subjects, as well as runs their own crochet and tarot business.

Arta started tutoring in high school as a peer tutor and a tutor for an autistic student. They later went to school to learn how to teach English as a secondary language and worked in the English Language Institute as a conversational partner for international students. “I loved being able to work with peers and underclassmen to help hone their skills and knowledge,” they say. “There's just something so fulfilling about seeing a student's face light up as they grasp a concept they had struggled with.” In addition to their years of experience as an ESL tutor to high school and college-level students, Arta has been tutoring test prep since 2018.

“I myself am a kinesthetic and visual learner, so I like to give my students the utmost opportunity to get hands-on experience with the subject material,” Arta says when asked about their teaching style. “I like relating the subject material to things that they are interested in so that the student feels a connection with the material at hand. I also don't believe that students can learn while stressed, so I make our sessions as calm and inviting as possible.”

In high school, Arta participated in Badminton and won a prestigious writing contest for an essay about origami cranes. For sixteen years, they did Baton Twirling, all the way up through college, and was the feature twirler for Notre Dame of Maryland University. When not working, Arta enjoys crocheting and posting to social media, as well as streaming video games. They are also highly active within the LGBTQIA community and work with LGBTQIA youth. “I love learning and teaching and sharing valuable knowledge with everyone!”