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PrepNow Tutor - Bryan F.

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Bryan's Bio

Bryan attended Kansas State University, where he earned his BS in mathematics. He has been tutoring full time since 2012, completing more than 3,000 hours of tutoring. “It's a lot of fun, and a big challenge, training students to look for shortcuts and to learn how to apply them quickly on a timed test,” says Bryan.

Over the years, Bryan has tutored more than 120 students for the PSAT, SAT, ACT, and SAT Math Subject Test. He also tutors academic subjects, including middle school math through AP calculus, AP physics, and AP chemistry. “I think my biggest accomplishment was tutoring a whole family, which involved tutoring six of their seven kids (along with two of their kids' friends) in just about every subject outside of history (including multiple test prep programs); four of them have now graduated college, with another currently in college, and the youngest still in high school,” Bryan shares.

When tutoring, Bryan uses a different teaching style for every student. “When I was in school, I liked to have a few full problems done for me, and then I would dissect every step to figure out how to do the problems myself; some of my students do best with this type of instruction, but many of my students won't learn anything this way,” he explains. “For other students, I can go a full lesson without writing anything down; they need to be the ones to think through the problems and learn, through practice, how to think through making each step.”

For all four years of both high school and college, Bryan was in the marching band. He was also in concert and jazz bands in high school, and in jazz band in college. He continues to play bass guitar, guitar, and the trumpet, and is currently learning how to play piano and drums. He enjoys listening to and playing jazz and metal music, playing video games, reading fantasy and science fiction novels, and watching science fiction movies. He likes cats and is an Eagle Scout.